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About Mossel Bay

Outeniquasbosch Wildlife Village is located in Hartenbos, just a few kilometres from the harbour town of Mossel Bay on South Africa’s Garden Route in the Western Cape Province. Known for the iconic Santos Beach, Mossel Bay is about four hundred kilometres east of Cape Town and approximately the same distance from Port Elizabeth.

A beautiful place to make memories, the town is indeed a great destination for great celebrations and experiences, as it was nearly 200 000 years ago. After all, the Pinnacle Point grottos provide ample archeological evidence to that important fact. Perhaps the same things that drew them all those many years ago are the same reasons why people flock there today.

From the fragrant fynbos to fresh seafood, abundant wildlife to tranquil lagoons, pristine beaches, and beautiful beach weather all year round, the area is simply spectacular. But why enjoy it only during the holidays when you can own a piece of this paradise all year round?

Living in the Outeniquasbosch Wildlife Village gives you access to this beautiful town, which becomes the perfect holiday town when locals entertain holidaymakers with festivals, concerts, vibrant parties and plenty fun in the sun.

What to Do in Mossel Bay

On the odd occasions when you’re not up to a beach day, you can take a drive to one of the nearby cities, or you can participate in one of the many activities on offer in the area.

  • Visit nearby historic or cultural sites.
  • Visit some of the local restaurants.
  • Attend a festival or concert in Hartenbos.
  • Hike, cycle, or jog out in the fresh air.
  • Visit a local market that sells local arts, crafts and produce.
  • Visit the Mossel Bay Yacht and Boat Club.

The mountains surrounding Mossel Bay contain South African rock art, which was created by the San people. It is believed that some of the specimens date back almost 27, 000 years.

Mossel Bay is home to the Bartolomeu Dias Museum Complex, which celebrates the arrival of the explorer and his crew back in February 1488. The complex also protects the Post Office Tree, and plays an important role in educating visitors on the area’s cultural, environmental and archaeological history.

Collonian engineer, R. Robinson designed the Cape St. Blaize Lighthouse in 1864. The masonry tower is 20.5 metres high, and the light was originally stationary. However, a revolving clock-work light was fitted. Until the 1970s, this light required three-hourly winding. Thanks to modern technology, the light is now fully automated.

Mossel Bay Weather

Mossel Bay has a moderate climate. Located on the warm Indian Ocean, it’s beach weather all year round, with mild winters, except for mid-winter nights that can become a bit chilly.

Living in the Outeniquasbosch Wildlife Village not only provides you with a tranquil, country-living lifestyle, but it also gives you easy access to Mossel Bay and its surrounds.