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About Outeniquasbosch Wildlife Village

The developers of Outeniquasbosch Wildlife Village were proud to launch Phase 1 and Phase 3 on 1 December 2018.

This sought-after development has already captivated the attention of investors and home buyers from near and far, due to the many benefits it offers - aside from the fact that it offers a truly unique blend of  bush, countryside and seaside living.

75% Green Village

Outeniquasbosch Wildlife Village is a 525 ha. Development, of which 75% remains green. The unspoilt rolling hills, covered in fynbos and grass provide a safe habitat for the abundant wildlife.

10+ Species of Wildlife

Outeniquasbosch Wildlife Village makes your dream of living on an active game farm a reality. Moving to the estate means that you will be sharing your backyard with Bontebok, Zeebra, Kaapse grysbok, Bosbok, Nyala, Kudu, Impala, Giraffe, Waterbuck and Common duiker, as well as small wildlife and bird species.

Mossel Bay is surrounded by wide open spaces covered in fynbos, which is home to more than three-hundred bird species.  The Fish Eagle nesting corner, located on the property, has been a sacred spot since 1981.

Surrounded by Nature

Outeniquasbosch Wildlife Village has been designed with nature lovers in mind. The building lines between erven have been developed in such a way that it provides ample space for wildlife to roam between homes.

24-Hour Security

The estate will be protected by 24-hour security, including access-restricted entrances, electric perimeter fences and roaming security at night.

Compulsory Fire Prevention

Each erf will be equipped with a unique fire protection mechanism, which works on a gravitation system.


Access to Affordable Treated Water

In the spirit of conservation, each home will be connected to a supply of affordable, treated, recycled wastewater to keep your garden beautiful. Recycled water for garden and toilet use is currently available for every erf - at a lower cost than normal Municipal water. Our intention is to maintain this arrangement in future.

Standardised Building Style

In keeping with the common theme of unspoilt wilderness, all homes on the estate will be built according to the Cape Vernacular architectural style, which is a more informal version of the classic Cape Dutch style. This charming, country-style architecture theme is well-suited to residential buildings in the region, and features pitched roofs, fascias, and smaller, regularly spaced windows.

Affordable Levies

In its efforts to make Outeniquasbosch Wildlife Village the estate with the most affordable levies, it will remain a producing game ranch with game capture camps, bomas and related infrastructure. The proceeds for captured game sales will go towards the Home Owners Association. Additionally, the developer will donate 1% of erf sales and 1% of the turnover of resales to the HOA fund to help minimise levies.

Zoned and Approved Private School Site

Outeniquasbosch Wildlife Village contains an already zoned 9.3 ha site which has been approved for the development of a private school.

Pet Friendly

Outeniquasbosch Wildlife Village is a pet-friendly estate!

No Time Limit or Fine Clause On the Commencement of Building

Unlike many estates, Outeniquasbosch Wildlife Village will not impose any fines on buyers who do not start building right away. Purchase your stand now and start building when you are ready. There’s never been an easier way to finance your home in a bush paradise.


Equestrian Facilities

Outeniquasbosch Wildlife Village has been approved for equestrian facilities and we look forward to launching our equestrian initiatives. Watch this space!

Outdoor Activities

Outeniquasbosch Wildlife Village is a great place to escape into or stay fit in the great outdoors. The huge grounds offer ample opportunities for hiking, jogging, mountain biking, horse riding trails. If you enjoy angling or rowing, you will enjoy the several kilometres of clean river that runs through the estate.

Approved Facilities

The 525 hectare Outeniquasbosch Wildlife Village consists of 550 full title erven ranging from 400 square metres to 2,200 square metres in size.

The development will include a clubhouse and conference centre, and a Boutique Hotel has already been approved.

Nearby attractions include:

  • Hartenbos (3 km)
  • Langeberg Mall in Mossel Bay with stores, restaurants, and other facilities (7km)
  • Mossel Bay CBD (12 km)
  • George Airport (20 minutes)