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Offer to Purchase Process and Documents

Find below the necessary documents to submit an offer to purchase.

Step 1

Download and complete the Outeniquasbosch Offer to Purchase document below.

Step 2

Download the Outeniquasbosch Constitution and Design Manual below. Please familiarize yourself with the contents of the Constitution of Outeniquasbosch Home-owners Association and the Outeniquasbosch Architectural Design Manual.

Please sign both cover pages. 

Step 3

Scan the documents and email them to info@outeniquasbosch.com, or  contact us to arrange delivery or collection of the documents.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or if you need any assistance.

Downloadable Documents

1. Outeniquasbosch Offer to Purchase *.pdf Format (607.71 KB)
2. Outeniquasbosch Constitution and Design Manual *.pdf Format (3.32 MB)
  Left click the document name to view the document or Right click the document name and Select Save Target as... to download the document to your computer.